Unicorn Chocolate Cupcakes

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

How to Easily Prepare Unicorn-Themed Cupcakes for a Video-Recipe Shoot

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I’ve noticed that unicorns come up quite often in my shoots, whether it be cookies, cakes, or cupcakes. Though everyone loves sweets and I love making and shooting them, unicorns have become a prominent theme in some shoots, which makes my daughter very happy. For this shoot, I made unicorn-themed chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing for a video-recipe style shoot.

A key part of this shoot was a unicorn-themed cupcake kit, which included ears, sprinkles, horns, and designed cupcake liners. I thought this would be a perfect addition to a shoot, and came up with some other ideas to solidify the unicorn theme of this shoot, starting with the icing.

Cupcake baking tools

Cooling Rack

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract

Kitchen Aid hand mixer

Mixing bowls

Cupcake pan

Cupcake batter scoop

Blending whisk

Cupcake decorating tools

Piping bags

Piping bag ties

Piping tips

Food coloring

Unicorn cupcake decorating kit

Cupcake boxes

For this shoot, I experimented with new ways to apply icing, which has also become a common theme in my dessert-based shoots. I baked simple chocolate cupcakes, but I changed up the way I used icing on them. I had three different colors of icing; blue, yellow, and pink, and I used one large piping bag and put two large scoops of each different color icing into the bag. I also used a extra large cupcake decorating tip, which caused the resulting icing to be a swirl of three colors, which looks very nice on the camera. After the icing, I put on sprinkles and all of the unicorn accessories, and ended with perfect unicorn cupcakes.

This shoot was surprisingly short and sweet- using one large piping bag with all colors of icing was a lot quicker than using many separate bags, and had a really effective impact on the visuals of the cupcakes. The unicorn accessory kit was also very effective in this shoot, as I didn’t have to clutter my work area with too many props and was able to complete the theme I was looking for. Since this shoot was in a video-recipe style, I enjoyed the simplicity of the shoot because a bit more has to happen behind the scenes. I use 2 cameras, one overhead and one right in front of me to shoot from different angles, but this comes with a catch. The two cameras have to be the same (or calibrated on the same settings) in order to ensure that the footage all looks the same, and I don’t have to waste time in post-processing to change the footage to look similar. Shooting with two cameras also allows me to complete a recipe only once, where with one camera I would have to do it multiple times in order to get different views.

Props used in this photo shoot

Some of the props might no longer be available in stores. I selected props as close as possible to match those items.

Pink cupcake stand

Mini unicorn pinata

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