Winter Themed Funfetti Cake With Lollipops

How to Make a Funfetti Birthday Cake with Fondant Decorations and Homemade Lollipops. 8 inch round and 3 layers.

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For my daughter’s birthdays, I always try to make as much as possible at home- last year, I did unicorn cookies, a unicorn cake, and unicorn cupcakes for her unicorn-themed birthday party, which turned out to be very successful. This year, I tried my hand once again at creating a birthday party, this year’s theme being ice skating. Since my daughter and most of her friends are ice skaters, I thought it would be appropriate to have a figure skating-themed party hosted at an ice rink. I handmade some winter-themed lollipops for favors and to adorn the centerpiece of every birthday party; the cake. I handmade a pink funfetti-style cake with fondant snowflakes, with both Italian buttercream and regular buttercream, topped with my homemade lollipops.

Winter Themed Funfetti Cake With Lollipops Recipe
Homemade Lollipops Recipe

Cooling Rack

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract

Kitchen Aid mixer

Mixing bowls

Blending whisk

8 inch round cake pan

Cake pan liners


Bake-easy strips

Digital scale

Candy thermometer

Cake decorating tools

Revolving cake stand

Chop cutter

Piping bags

Piping bag ties

Food coloring

Cake base

12" lollipop sticks

8" lollipop sticks

Rainbow Sprinkles

Snowflake cookie cutter

Pink fondant

White fondant

Silver fondant

Food flavors

When preparing the cake, I found it was best to use two different types of buttercream icing. Italian buttercream is far silkier (and not as sweet) than traditional buttercream, but it is not as sweet. Due to it being fluffier, it’s quite risky to use as the icing between each layer of funfetti cake because it is not as stable as traditional buttercream and would cause some issues with the transport of the cake. I still used Italian buttercream as the outside icing on the cake. When making the buttercream, I like to use fresh buttercream without freezing or refrigerating it for the finished product.

For the fondant decorations, I just used special cookie cutters to get the desired sizes and shapes that I needed to put on the cake. Using cookie cutters makes it easy to make any kind of shape you want for a cake, which is perfect for themed birthday parties. To save time, I just bought fondant packets instead of making my own fondant, which would add some time to the recipe. I used these very same fondant shapes to use in the lollipops, so I didn’t have to use multiple shapes different times.

In terms of constructing the cake, I found it to be extremely effective to do it in stages and far in advance of the event. Preparing and constructing everything took about a week without rushing anything, so I could be prepared before the event. First, I made the lollipops, as they would stay good the longest without any special treatment such as freezing or staying in an airtight container. Next, I made the individual layers of the cake 1 month before the event. They stay good in the freezer when wrapped in saran wrap and tin foil for up to 3 months. Lastly, I prepared the fondant decorations next. They can stay good in an air-tight container for three weeks, so I prepared them a couple of days before the event. When constructing the cake, I always like to apply the buttercream icing while each cake is frozen. When doing this, the buttercream won’t crumble when applying the icing, which is a common issue when making cakes.

The day before the event, I put together the cake, starting with the cake layers. They don’t need to be defrosted or anything, so I just layered them and put the icing on the cake. Soon after icing the cake, I placed on the fondant decorations. After that, I placed the cake in a large plastic container that was tall enough to fit the cake, and let it de-freeze overnight at room temperature. On the morning of the event, I placed the final decorations on- the lollipops.

Making a birthday party from scratch may seem like a daunting task, but it is quite easy (though stressful) once you’ve done it a couple times. With enough planning and pre-making everything, any birthday party can be made perfectly by hand- especially the cake.

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