Two Ways to Creatively Cut Watermelon

How to Cut a Watermelon to Serve to Kids and Groups

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The summer is always my favorite time to shoot, as I can shoot more farm-fresh foods that fit the summer mood. For this shoot, I decided to try some different ways to cut watermelon, and I’ve found some creative ways to cut and present everyone’s favorite summer treat.

Cutting a watermelon for a group of people can be easy as cutting it in half, cutting out several slices, then cutting a slice into wedges or triangles, then adding popsicle sticks if you want.

Watermelon, if cut correctly, can be perfect for groups and parties, especially for kids. Watermelon is usually a very messy food to eat, but these ways make it easier for kids or large groups to enjoy watermelon. Since most people don’t know how to cut watermelon, it can sometimes be hard to enjoy it as it’s so messy, but watermelon can be cut to look appealing and be easier to eat.

First Way:

I cut the watermelon was into small wedges; I first cut the watermelon in half vertically, then I cut each half into several slices, then cut each slice into a couple large wedges. I also leave the rinds on the watermelon, as you need to be able to hold the rind when eating the watermelon. This is also the fastest and simplest way to cut a watermelon, so it’s both the easiest and looks good.

Second Way:

You can also cut the watermelon into small triangles, cut a small hole into the rind, then stick in a popsicle stick. This makes the watermelon even easier to hold, which makes it great for kids. With popsicle sticks, you could even freeze thee watermelon, creating a frozen treat for a hot summer day or pool party, that's good for kids and groups of people. I served this around a tray full of ice, so the watermelon can stay cool and also look good on the camera.

With any food, especially in food photography, presentation is extremely important. For example, when my daughter tried both differently cut watermelon, she said that the popsicle-style watermelon tastes better. Whether it’s using normal or colorful popsicle sticks or serving it around a tray of ice, the presentation is key in serving any food, especially for a food as simple as a watermelon.

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