The Unicorn Birthday Party

Updated: May 6

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When any 5 year old is presented with a sugary treat, they rarely think of the process that goes into it’s preparation, much like anybody that sees an an entire party that revolves around unicorns. For my daughter’s birthday, I was inspired to theme it all things unicorn, the color pink, and all the sweets you can think of.

I took this opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind photoshoot, and the preparation had to be perfectly planned out to ensure that everything went smoothly and looked good on the camera, and also tasted good as I was going to serve many kids at the party.

So, I took to the kitchen months before the party, and got to work on the cookies first. After finishing baking them, I froze them on a baking sheet for an hour. Sometimes, I then decorate them before freezing them for the long-term, but it can really be done either way. I stacked them together with parchment paper and wrap it in plastic and aluminum foil and

froze them until they were ready for the party.

I also did this with the layers of the cake, as I was inspired by these unicorn cake toppers to do a tall-layered unicorn cake, freezing the layers weeks in advance before decorating the cake while the layers were still frozen. With this process, it was surprisingly easy to fit all these moving parts together and ensure everything went according to plan, all while keeping the cake & cookies looking and tasting their best.

Decoration of the treats was a process within itself, even after the endless freezing and baking. I used many different icing tips for decorating the cupcakes and cake in an array of pastel colors to match the theme, and the cookies were shaped of unicorns and rainbows so I had to be versatile with my icing colors. The cupcakes were baked in gold and silver foil cupcake liners to match the theme.

After everything was ready to go, I had an issue with transporting this foot tall unicorn cake, so I used a tall-tiered cake box to ensure it got to the party venue safely, and I placed it on a silver cake base as soon as we got there.

The cupcakes, however, didn’t fare too well at the party- the kids barely looked at the cake and chose to go for the cookies, so I would much rather forgo the cupcakes and spend more time on the cookies. Despite this, ther looked good for the camera and were a lot of fun to make and present to a room full of hungry kids.

The party itself was a great photoshoot, being able to capture the party in full swing and the treats being taken by little hands. We had pink and gold streamers, unicorn pinatas, unicorn plates, napkins and placemats, and unicorn gift bags. Needless to say, I think I’m done with the unicorn theme for a little while.

My party decoration list

Paper Gift Bags For Unicorn Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Unicorn Theme Party Pack for 20 - Plates, Napkins, Straws, and Tablecover

Pink White Cream and Gold 35pcs Party Decoration Set by Cherry Down

Unicorn Cake Topper

Pops Party Shop Unicorn Pinata Mini-Sized

Large Unicorn Pinata

Round Tissue Paper Party Table Confetti

Unicorn Cookie Cutter Set

Metallic Cupcake Liners (Gold and Silver)

Unicorn Headband

A complete list of my equipment

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