Summer Cucumber Salad

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

How to Make a Simple Traditional Cucumber Salad

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In my household, it can sometimes be hard to plan out all the meals and snacks that we’ll be eating. My daughter can sometimes be picky and prefers chicken nuggets over most things, and my husband is a vegetarian. However, some meals are able to please everyone in the house, especially on hot summer days, like this fresh cucumber salad. This recipe is very simple in both ingredients and preparation, and is good for any occasion.

This recipe is so quick and easy that it can be done in a matter of minutes. However, this recipe is made much easier with the use of a mandolin slicer. A mandolin slicer allows me to make uniform cuts in all of the fresh vegetables that I make on a daily basis, which creates a very uniform look in my dishes, along with making the slicing easier than doing it by hand. The mandolin slicer has adjustable sizes at which you can cut, so you really can cut anything at any size.

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