Roasted Garlic Spread

How to Make and Shoot Roasted Garlic Spread

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A roasted garlic spread is made by cutting a head of garlic at the top, covering it in lots of olive oil, salt, and herbs, and baking it on a cast iron pan covered in foil for 50 minutes.

Roasted garlic recipe

Sometimes, shoots don’t have to be overly complicated. I enjoy smaller shoots to take a break from the complexities of bigger shoots that require lots of cooking and preparation, so for this shoot, I made roasted garlic spread from whole garlic heads.

The recipe for the roasted garlic spread is extremely simple and is prepared in a matter of minutes. I start with cutting off the top of the head of garlic, and then placing several into a small cast-iron pan. I coat the pan and the open side of the garlic with plenty of olive oil, then add a few pinches of salt, then garnish with rosemary and sage on top. After wrapping the top of the pan in tinfoil, the garlic is ready to be roasted for 50 minutes.

Cooking tools

Cast iron skillet

Cooking foil

Oil bottle

The spread is ready to go onto any type of bread straight from the skin of the garlic- the herbs and the olive oil offset the strength of the garlic, so it can be a perfect spread to have on fancy bread. This is good for appetizers, a quick snack, or added onto salads. The garlic heads can be sealed in an airtight Ziploc bag, then put into the freezer after cooking, and they will stay fresh for about a month.

The simplicity of the recipe also makes the simplicity of the shoot, which was really quick and easy. I chose to use a cast iron pan because cast iron is so versatile, and I try to use cast iron cookware in my shoots often. Cast iron pots and pans have a texture that looks great on camera, and they are also very easy to cook with. Cast iron is also quite durable, and won’t show wear on camera like some glass or metal would. It can also be used anywhere, as I like to use cast iron for cooking vegetables or eggs on the grill.

Food photography props used in this photo shoot

Some of the props might no longer be available in stores. I selected props as close as possible to match those items.


Cast iron skillet

Background paper


Oil bottle

Metal pinch bowls

Small plates

Cutting board

Spread knifes

A complete list of my equipment

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