Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

How to Make Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Frosting

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As cupcakes have been my favorite things to bake recently, I’ve been searching for different ways to create more creative recipes. One of the ways I’ve found to do this is to incorporate more fresh fruit and berries into the recipe. I did this with a cranberry orange muffin which turned out to be the perfect balance of baked goods and fruit, so I wanted to make another baking recipe with fresh fruit in it. This recipe for raspberry chocolate cupcakes is a perfect combination of chocolate and raspberry frosting, all topped with a sweet chocolate ganache.

Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Baking tools

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After baking and decorating the cupcakes, they will last in a plastic cupcake container for a little bit under a week in the fridge.. Because this recipe has fresh berries in the frosting, they won’t last as long as usual. As for the ganache and frosting, they can be kept in plastic bags in the fridge for around a month. After decorating the cupcakes, I always bag the remainder of the frosting or toppings just in case I want to make a second batch.

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