Pumpkin Cupcakes With Italian Buttercream Frosting

How to make pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream frosting and fall sprinkles

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The fall time is one of my favorite seasons, with so many different foods to make and photograph that can be paired with many different fall colors. One of the most popular fall sweets is pumpkin pie, and of course I had to make a pumpkin cupcake recipe and shoot.

Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe

Italian Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Baking tools

Kitchen mixer

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract

Glass mixing bowl

Melamine mixing bowl



Drying rack

Baking sheet

Dough scoops

Piping bags

Jumbo piping tips

Cupcake container

Cupcake baking sheet

Cupcake foil liner

Fall sprinkles

These pumpkin cupcakes are perfect with an italian buttercream frosting, which the recipe can be found here. For these cupcakes, you can really use either traditional or italian buttercream, but I prefer to use the italian buttercream for this recipe because it’s far less rich than traditional, which allows for more flavor from the actual cupcake.

In addition to the frosting, I like to put on some festive fall-colored sprinkles to decorate the cupcakes. These cupcakes taste just like pumpkin pie, and are perfect for an on-the-go snack or for a kid’s dessert. For these cupcakes (and most of my other cupcakes and muffins), I used shiny metal cupcake liners. I really love using these instead of normal paper liners, since grease usually soaks through them, which doesn’t really look good on camera. When pouring out the dough into the muffin pan, I always use a dough scoop to ensure consistent amounts of dough in each cupcake, which also helps keep the cooking area clean.

A complete list of my photography equipment

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