Pinwheel Cookies for the 4th of July

Updated: May 29

How to Make Patriotic Pinwheel Cookies for an Independence Day Celebration

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In stock photography, it’s important to cover all of the holidays, and have a shoot for the most popular ones. As the 4th of July is one of the most popular holidays in the U.S., I find it’s especially important to have a photoshoot for Independence day. Though I had an outdoor photoshoot for grilling hotdogs and corn, I couldn’t help myself but have a cookie shoot for the 4th of July. I talked about this concept in stock photography and the outdoor photoshoot here.

Instead of doing a normal sugar cookie with icing like I do with many other holidays, I decided to try a new recipe and type of cookie. These 4th of July pinwheel cookies have a traditional sugar cookie base, but have a different presentation and cooking process.

Baking tools


Chop cutter

Baking sheet

Adjustable rolling pin

Stand mixer

Wire cooling rack

Silicone mat

Though this recipe has many steps, it is quite easy to make for such a great looking cookie. Pinwheel cookies are very eye-catching, and are different looking from most desserts that would be commonly made for a 4th of July celebration. These cookies are great to make with and for kids, as the bright colors are fun to both eat and bake.

When I’m baking, I find myself using my stand mixer quite often. This takes a lot of the tedious and hard work out of baking, and can do everything from whisking, beating, and mixing, so it’s perfect for larger baking projects. This mixer comes with many different attachments, so you don't have to worry about having to do everything by hand. When baking things such as sugar cookies, dough can often become quite thick and hard to work with, but this mixer is able to handle thick dough with ease. I also recommend using an adjustable rolling pin instead of a normal rolling pin, so that you can have smooth, consistent cookies. Using this doesn't only make the cookies look better, but makes them cookie better as the cookie will be uniformly cooked, instead of the thinner sides cooking and possibly burning first. This rolling pin is also useful for projects such as these, where the 3 pieces of dough should be the same thickness so the cookies look uniform. To cut the cookies uniformly, I used a chop cutter, so that the cookies come out evenly, and are cut easier than when using a knife. After baking any of my cookies, I always like to use a wire cooling rack to let them dry. These help the cookies cool quickly and evenly, and are a nice place to put them before and after decorating, since they can easily hold many cookies. If you bake regularly or make cookies every holiday, I would recommend using a silicone mat for baking instead of using parchment paper. The silicone mat is easy to clean with just a rag and warm water during multiple batches, and can be reused. I’ve been using these silicone mats for over a year, and I’m very pleased with their durability, especially with how much I bake, and how easy they are to clean and use.

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