One-Pot Pasta

How to Make a Simple One-Pot Pasta

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Between photography, my daughter, and running the household, some days can be pretty busy for me. Sometimes, it seems that cooking dinner is an entire task that can take forever, so I rely on quick and simple recipes like this One-Pot Pasta recipe. This meal is quick, easy, and doesn’t require many ingredients, which makes it a perfect meal for a very busy family.

One-Pot Pasta recipe

Since this recipe is so simple, it has lots of room for you to change up the dish. If you want to add some protein, cubed kielbasa or shrimp are perfect and just as easy to cook up while you make the pasta. In addition, you can also add pesto sauce or any other sauce to change the recipe to be perfect for you. You can also add many vegetables to this dish like eggplant or mushrooms, so this dish is perfect to get creative with and experiment with what tastes good with pasta.

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