Gingerbread House Decorating Party

How to Prepare a Gingerbread House Party for Kids and Adults

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One of the first things that comes to mind about Christmas is making gingerbread houses with the family. Last Christmas, I hosted and photographed a gingerbread house decorating party with my daughter and her friends. While you can buy a couple gingerbread making kits from your local store, I chose to allow the kids a bit more freedom by adding my own supplies to the kits.

Thing you need for Gingerbread house decorating party

Since the gingerbread house making kits do not come with enough candies, I recommend purchasing more candy for the kids to decorate with. In my experience, the kids prefer to eat the candies instead of using them to decorate their houses, so it doesn’t hurt to have some extra candy on hand. In addition, I find the icing for the gingerbread houses are a bit too thick to easily come out of the tube, so I chose to add a ¼ of a teaspoon at a time of water to it to thin it out. After thinning, I put the icing into some squeeze bottles. This makes it a bit easier for the icing to come out, especially for the little kids to use.

Royal Icing Recipe

In addition to the icing that came with the kit, I made extra icing for the houses in case we ran out of icing. Doing this also allows you to make differently colored icing, instead of just using white icing to decorate. I used a simple royal icing recipe, which is very easy to make and works quite well in constructing a gingerbread house. The specific gingerbread houses that I bought were already constructed, to make it a bit easier for the kids. The house part was already made, and all the kids had to do was decorate the house with icing and lots of candy. Making gingerbread houses are a perfect activity for kids, but expect a bit of cleanup and kids that are very hyper from all of the candy.

In order to keep the decorating area clean and tidy, I put all of the houses on Christmas tin trays, so that lose candies couldn't fall onto the table or the ground. In addition to this, I covered the table with a sheet of butcher paper and a sheet of cellophane tablecloth, so that the surface of the table wouldn’t get too dirty. I then decorated the table with small Christmas tree ornaments, to better fit the Christmastime mood.

A complete list of my photography equipment

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