Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

How to Make The Best Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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To take a break from all of the desserts I’ve been baking and shooting recently, I decided to try another dessert that I have not done before. These chocolate-dipped strawberries are a perfect dessert any time of the year or for special occasions such as Valentine’s day, weddings, Mother’s day, or engagement parties, and with many different decorations such as sprinkles or colorful chocolate drizzle on top, they look fancy and taste delicious.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Recipe

Baking tools

Glass mixing bowl

Melamine mixing bowl


Baking sheet

Parchment paper

Pink candy melts

White candy melts

Pastry bags

Icing bag ties

Heart sprinkles

Pink and red sprinkles

White cupcake liners

Wilton candy melt pot

To melt the chocolate, I experimented with different ways to melt the chocolate. First, I used a Aicok Fondue Pot to melt the chocolate, which worked perfectly. However, I ran into issues when cleaning the pot, which proved to be challenging as the chocolate would stick to the stainless steel pot. After doing some research for a more all-around effective way to melt chocolate and candy melts, I found a Wilton Candy Melt Pot that was made to be specifically used with Wilton Candies. This worked perfectly to melt the chocolate, as it melted the chocolate with ease and was also much easier to clean. The Wilton pot has a silicone lining, which is easily manipulated to clean. After finishing melting the chocolate, I just placed the chocolate-filled pot into the freezer to harden the chocolate, then I’m able to break up the chocolate into small chunks to place into a bag to use later. This not only makes it easy to clean, but makes it easier to keep the store or re-melt the chocolate.

When I’m ready to melt more of the chocolate, I can just empty a freezer bag into the pot and reheat the chocolate again. Both of the pots worked very well to melt the chocolate with no issues of burning or over-cooking the chocolate, but the Wilton pot proved to be the most effective.

To create the drizzles, I used dark and white chocolate chips and Pink Wilton Candies. I would just melt the chocolate or candy and keep the temperature on medium-low, then pour it into a pastry bag with special pastry ties, then cutting a small hole into the tip of the bag which I was then able to effectively drizzle onto the strawberries. This creates an even look for the drizzle, especially when using multiple drizzles. The possibilities are endless when using the Wilton candies, as they have so many varying colors to use for any other desserts or pastries.

After preparing the strawberries, I put each one into a small cupcake liner to make them easier to eat or package. Since these are perfect to send to friends or family, using the cupcake liners makes it easier to keep the packaging looking nice and clean. To keep the strawberries fresher for longer, I prepared them in a specific way that I had not known about until recently, in which you rinse the strawberries with vinegar water. This keeps the strawberries good for up to two weeks, after preparing the strawberries with the chocolate, they will stay good for up to a week in the fridge in an air-tight container.

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