I’m Arina and this is my blog all about making perfect food for any occasion and the art of capturing it on high-quality video. I’ve been blogging about food for 3 years, and it has become my passion to perfect each recipe and present it in the most appetizing ways. All recipes featured on this blog have been thoroughly tested and perfected over the course of my career, and I’m excited to share each and every recipe with you. I believe that experimentation and perfection are the most important parts of making recipes, so every recipe I make is as simple and delicious as it looks on video. While making these recipes, I am always testing out different tools to make the recipe easier or create a better end product. In addition to the joy of making food, I produce videos of the process of making these recipes, so that every step is both clear and delicious-looking to be presented for social media, clients, or just to share recipes that I’ve mastered to friends and family.


I live in Castle Pines, Colorado, with my husband, daughter, and son, all who have a helping hand in the blog and food preparation- whether it’s a helping hand in the kitchen or mastering the art of blog-writing. Family is a large part of food, so from my family to yours, I hope that this blog helps you perfect your recipes or introduce you to new ones.


Phone: 720-840-6383

E-mail: arina@arinaphotography.com